PAS Batch

Pay After Selection Batch For NEET / JEE

When it comes to taking admission in any institute, the first thing that comes to our mind is its result. But what next? It’s obviously the fee structure, right? Ninety percent of the parents gets worried that whether they will get the best possible result of the money they have spent or not ...But this problem is not only limited to parents, every single student irrespective of the coaching centre he/she studying in, pays a huge amount of coaching fee in the hope of securing a decent rank in competitive exams like JEE/ NEET.
But along the line of preparation for such competitive exams, coaching institute emphasis on those particular students who are flourishing in their tests, leaving the other substandard performing students behind. This leads to the deprivation of such underperforming students from their selection in JEE/NEET etc.
After understanding and doing a detailed analysis of on this issue, we have come up with a “PAS” batch for JEE and NEET. As the name suggests, students have to pay the fees only if they get selected in JEE/NEET, inevitably implying that there will be no payable fees in case a student does not get selected

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